hdb.exe high CPU Usage

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The UIM robot's hdb.exe CPU usage is unexpectedly high (> 50% )

UIM 8.xrobot 7.xlogmon

Usually we see this when there is a logmon probe on the affected robot that is monitoring a very busy log file or a very large number of log files or with ntevl doing the same.


- Check if there is any logmon probe on the affected robot.

- If so, deactivate it. If after deactivating the logmon probe the CPU usage of the hdb.exe drops down to normal, you will know that is logmon what is causing this issue. 

- Drill down into the different logmon profiles and try to locate which profile/s is overloading the robot. 

- Locate any profile where logmon is scanning a very large number of log files (Eg. using wildcards *.log) and/or with a polling period too short (5 sec).


The same is applicable to ntevl 

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