Have you heard about PROFILE VMTAPE? What is it and how can it be used?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I would like to make sure a specific command takes affect every time VM:Tape initializes. This can be implemented by PROFILE VMTAPE.


PROFILE VMTAPE is a macro that resides on VM:Tape's 191 disk. It is used to issue VMTAPE commands along with other CP and CMS commands that might need to be in place in your environment.

It is processed after the configuration file processing, but before the silo startups and PPI environment's are in place. PPI stands for product-to-product interface.

Must include as first record the standard REXX first line:


It can contain VMTAPE commands such as:


Syntax for adding debug commands


CP/CMS commands can be included with either

The addition of CP/CMS commands are not encouraged.

Customers have added such things as DEBUG ZAP and other informational commands so that when console logs are requested, the information Technical Support generally asks for is already in the console log.

Even a TYPE of the VMTAPE CONFIG file.

To ensure that PROFILE VMTAPE is not executed outside the startup of VM:Tape:

  <<< snip >>>                                                                 
  /*  Stuff to ensure is done at VM:Tape initialization ... */ 
  pull     self 
  if self <> userid() then exit 999                                            
  <<< snip >>>                                                                 
Console logs snippets showing this security. Level2's console:

<<< snip >>> id LEVEL2X AT ZVM530 VIA * 12/30/08 13:31:43 EST TUESDAY Ready; T=0.01/0.01 13:31:43 vmtape profile Ready(00999); T=0.01/0.01 13:31:51 <<< snip >>>
<<< snip >>> 13:31:51 LEVEL2X 004 VMTINI600I Beginning: 'PROFILE' for LEVEL2X using IUCV. 13:31:51 LEVEL2X 004 VMTINI601I Ending: 'PROFILE', RC=999. profile 13:33:20 VMTAPE 005 VMTINI600I Beginning: 'PROFILE' for VMTAPE using SVM. 13:33:20 VMTAPE 005 VMTDBG925I ATTMULTI support is OFF 13:33:20 VMTAPE 005 VMTINI601I Ending: 'PROFILE', RC=0. <<< snip >>>