[Harvest Engine Pooled Worker] NullPointerException errors in the APM MOM log file: Unable to process data for Time

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.log file on the MOM contains many of the following format errors:

[ERROR] [Harvest Engine Pooled Worker] [Manager] Unable to process data for Time: 1390302615000, Frequency: 15s, Count: 0 java.lang.NullPointerExceptionthere are no such errors reported on the collectors


Enabling DEBUG logging by setting

log4j.logger.Manager=DEBUG, console, logfile

in the file IntroscopeEnterpriseManager.properties file will provide additional information on the error:

[DEBUG] [Harvest Engine Pooled Worker] [Manager.MetricCalculatorBean] Calculator Registered Metric <ID=11,com.wily.powerpack.websphereportal.em.ext.PortletCalculator@69960c9e> a JavaScript calculator in the MOM cannot output metric data to an agent that exists in a Collector:

SuperDomain/WP|myagent|WP61|my_WebSphere_Portal|WebSphere Portal|Portlets|VertragskontextNavigation:Average Response Time (ms)

This message indicates that a calculator installed on the MOM is trying to output metrics to a Collector connected agent. The normal solution to this is to ensure that thefunction RunOnMOM is coded in the calculator to return False. However in this situation you will see from the calculator name, com.wily.powerpack.websphereportal.em.ext.PortletCalculator, that this is a calculator provided in the Websphere Portal PowerPack and as such no javascript is available to modify.

The solution in this situation is to remove the following files from the product\enterprisemanager\plugins folder on the MOM



This will disable the Javascript calculators while preserving access to dashboards, etc.

An internal issue has been raised to make the installation instructions for installing the Powerpack on a cluster take this into account.