Harvest Client Login gives Error Unable to Load Component Driver Vital to the Operation of the Product.

Document ID : KB000055827
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Problem Description

When Harvest Administrator or Workbench window is launched sometimes users get the error "AllFusion Harvest CM Administrator was unable to load a component driver (HarvestProject.Propject.1] vital to the operation of this product.
Setup for this product has not been completed or this product's configuration has become corrupt. Please contact your administrator or tour product technical support. Error code=0x00005210"

Possible Cause

This error usually occurs when the dll's are not registered correctly and Harvest is unable to load the component drivers.

Possible Suggestions

  1. Make sure PEC\bin is located in the %PATH% variable before the %HARVESTHOME% variable.

  2. Edit the RegisterRelease.bat file in your %HARVESTHOME% directory and remove the /s from each of the entries. This will allow the dll registering to pop up a window denoting if it succeeded or not when you run this file.
    In CA\Advantage\Common\bin directory you have a batch file called registeradv .bat remove the /s from this batch file and run the batch file. Make sure all the dll's are registered successfully reboot and then again register if the dlls do not get registered successfully.

  3. Path variable should have the following entries
    Make sure used short alias folder name

  4. Make sure that HARVESTHOME system variable is pointing to right location.

  5. Check that the "\CA\pec\bin" directory contains the following DLLs
    These dll's are required for registering the Chapi.dll, Comagent.dll, and HarvestProject.dll properly.

  6. Harvest Server and Client should be at the same patch level.

  7. On Windows 98 you need to edit the AUTOEXEC.bat file to update the environment variables run Start->Run and type sysedit to open up autoexec.bat
    After making changes to the AUTOEXEC.bat file you need to reboot the machine for the changes to take effect.