HA probe fails to deactivate queue while fail back is triggered

Document ID : KB000122962
Last Modified Date : 19/12/2018
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The last queue (configured as "Queues to enable" in HA probe setting) does not get deactivated while HA probe triggered fail back.
All the Queues (configured as "Queues to enable") are supposed to deactivate when HA probe initiated fail back.
HA probe 1.45
<setup>/queue_activate_method is set as "queue_active"
HA probe triggered hub restart upon deactivating queues, but HA probe should not trigger hub restart if queue_activate_method is "queue_active".
The problem was fixed with HA probe 1.46
In HA 1.46 it does not send hub restart if queue_activate_method is "queue_active"
In HA probe 1.45 there is one workaround. Use "postroute" for  queue_activate_method.

Difference in between "postroute" and "queue_active".

- A hub callback. It lets the hub modify its own config so hub restart is not required.

- Uses controller callback "probe_config_set" it lets directly modifies the hub config so hub restart is required.