How to run dxemptydb on Virtual Appliance 14.x

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Last Modified Date : 26/03/2018
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If the number of pending notifications is too high and they are of no importance, there is a way of clearing the database of all notifications at once.
This can be done by running :  dxemptydb < HOSTNAME-impd-notify>
How to run dxemptydb on Virtual Appliance 14.x , Linux Environment ?
Virtual Appliance, Linux 
1. Connect to VApp Linux console by using Putty.exe

2. Once logged on linux console execute the following command : 

    su - dsa

3. Execute the following command :

dxserver status  

you will see something like the following 

idm-userstore-router-caim-srv-01 started
UserStore_userstore-01 started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-main started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-co started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-inc started
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify stopped
ca-prov-srv-01-imps-router started

4. stop notification in Provisioning Manager
   dxserver stop ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify
5. Clearing the database of all notifications at once
dxemptydb ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify

you should see:
"Successfully created"

6. dxserver start ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify

you should see :
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify starting
ca-prov-srv-01-impd-notify started
4. type exit and enter
5. check the activity on etanotify log  /opt/CA/IdentityManager/ProvisioningServer/logs
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