GTDatamaker: You are connecting with pre-distributed details (rep.xml) - no upgrade is allowed. Please contact support.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This article explains in detail on how to resolve the following error message after upgrading the GTDatamaker GUI.

"DB version specified in database (3.2B) is invalid. This version of the software can work with DB version 3.2E only. You are connecting with pre-distributed details (rep.xml) - no upgrade is allowed. Please contact support."


If you are working with a pre-distributed rep.xml file that holds the repository credentials so you do not have to connect every time, and you perform an upgrade of the GTDatamaker GUI, you will essentially need to upgrade the repository too. In that case, you will have to first eliminate or re-name the already existing rep.xml file to proceed with the upgrade of the repository.

CA Test Data Manager (TDM)- Datamaker

1. Launch Datamaker using the Desktop icon or through the file system (TDM_HOME\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker\gtdatamaker.exe).

The following message appears:



This message means that you have to upgrade the repository before proceeding.

2. Navigate to the TDM_HOME\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker directory, and rename the rep.xml file to rep-old.xml or delete the file.

3. From the Windows Explorer dialog, type %appdata% into the file path and select the Grid-Tools folder in the results. You can either rename the rep.xml to rep-old.xml in this folder or delete it. If the rep.xml file does not exist at this location, skip to Step 4. 

4. Launch Datamaker again.

The Test Data Repository log in for CA Test Data Manager dialog opens. It includes the repository profile that you selected in the last installation.

5. Click the green database connection button.

The following message appears: 

"Test Data Repository version specified in database (3.2B) is invalid. 

This version of the software can work with Test Data Repository versions 3.2E and above only. 

In order to run the upgrade you will need to know the user name and password of a user in the ADMIN group. 

Would you like to attempt an upgrade?"

Note that if you do not see this message, it is most likely that the user that installed the product is not performing the upgrade. If this is the case, you will need to create a new repository profile and provide the appropriate connection details. Check the entry for the new profile and click the green database connection button. You should then see the above message. 

6. Click Yes.

The login page opens.

7. Log in with administrator credentials.

The CA Test Data Manager - Datamaker Repository Schema - Updates Required message opens.

8. Click Yes.

The main Datamaker window opens.

9. Close Datamaker.

10. Rename the rep-old.xml files to rep.xml in the TDM_HOME\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker and %appdata%\Grid-Tools directories.

Launch Datamaker again.

11. The login page for GTDatamaker will show up since you are already connected to your defined repository in the rep.xml.

Enter you GTDatamaker credentials.

12. You should be able to connect successfully to any connection profile as source or target.

The upgrade of both GUI and repository is now complete.


How to re-create the rep.xml file in case you have deleted the file and not re-named it.

1. Launch GTDatamaker.

2. Select the repository profile and click on the green connect button.

3. Enter the GTDatamaker credentials.

4. You can now select any of the target or source profiles and click on the green connect button.

5. Go to Security->Users and Groups.

6. Enter your credentials.

7. Click on the XML button which can be found on the top right hand side.

8. The following page will pop up.


9. Navigate to c:\users\tdm\AppData\Roaming\Grid-Tools and copy the rep.xml file to TDM_HOME\Grid-Tools\GTDatamaker directory.


Additional Information:

If you face any issues or have any questions about the steps, please open a support case by going to or by calling customer care at