GT Subset - SQL Server Import Export Script Suggested Enhancements

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Last Modified Date : 25/04/2018
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Export old
bcp "CDD.dbo.Address" out "Address.dmp" %GTCONNECT% %GTSERVER% -w -k -q -CRAW -o Address_export.log
Export new
bcp "CDD.dbo.Address" out "Address.dmp" %GTCONNECT% %GTSERVER% -o Address_export.log -t"[||]" -w -k -q -CRAW
Import old
bcp "%GTDATABASE%.%GTOWNER%.Address" in "Address.dmp" %GTCONNECT% %GTSERVER% -w -k -q -E -b1000000 -CRAW
Import new
bcp "%GTDATABASE%.%GTOWNER%.Address" in "Address.dmp" %GTCONNECT% %GTSERVER% -e error_Address.recx -m 197000000 -o Address_import.log -t"[||]" -w -k -q -E -b1000000 -CRAW

1. There is trouble determining errors and records rejected and added the -e, the -o parameters to the import. This should be a product default.
2. BCP was stopping after 10 errors. Added the -m to significantly large number to see what errors. This should be optional.
3. The data contained tab characters and therefore disrupted the import. Added the -t. This should be a product default.
TDM 4.5
Rather than manually adding this, the product should have these defaults.
Here is the enhancement for list of enhancements.  The patch for this is  Please check with CA Support to get this version or the latest version for SUBSET.

You can now set the max BCP errors in the generation screen, and it delimits with [||] by default

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