GSVC034I (GSVI) WARM start has been initiated

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Last Modified Date : 19/12/2018
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We have a requirement to have the data in parmlib and in sysview to be the same so when there is a sudden recycle or IPL, everything on dasd will match the online.
When I was with release 14.1 I worked with CA support and was told to create CiCSDATA with the below to accomplish that.
We just upgrade to sysview 14.2.
All I do for customerization is to rename my cicscopts to svwcopts.
I noticed that there is a WARM start message and when I go to CCONFIG I don't see anything COLD.
Do I have to do some thing differently this time to accomplish that purpose.
The message that you are seeing "GSVC034I (GSVI) WARM start has been initiated" only reflects what is coded in the INITPARM START parameter specified in CICS System Initialization Table (SIT). I
f nothing was ever coded there, the default value for START is WARM, which is why you see this message. I
t is likely that this message you are seeing was also present in 14.1. However, the actual startup types for the CICS data collector are read from PARMLIB members CICSDATA and SVWCOPTS, which if specified as COLD will override the WARM default.
If you want strictly a COLD start, you would code COLD for the options in CICSDATA, just like you already have, and also code COLD in PARMLIB member SVWCOPTS next to options: ARTM-STARTTYPE DUMP-MANAGEMENT-STARTTYPE SCHEDULER-STARTTYPE VSTATUS-STARTTYPE
If you want to double check that the COLD start is actually being honored, you can take the following steps:
1. In SYSVIEW, go to the ASADMIN display
2. Enter L on the line command next to CICSDATA
3. Go to the TOP of this log and enter on the command line FIND CTHRESH From here, you should see a corresponding message that relates to the CTHRESH-Definitions option in CICSDATA that looks like this (with the correct member name): GSV2317I READ LibType PARMLIB DDname * Dsn PARMLIB(VARCICS)
This message shows that the member, VARCICS in this example, was read from PARMLIB, which means COLD start was issued.
If the COLD start is not being honored, the message will look more like this: GSV2317I READ LibType DATALIB DDname * Dsn SYSVIEW.DEV.BASE.DATALIB(D0014162) In this example message, the member is being read from DATALIB, specified by the keyword next to LibType. You can repeat the above steps and replace CTHRESH in step 3 with CSTATES, CEITRACE, or CTRANCAN to check the other options in CICSDATA.