GRP1594 error message logging into a group model.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When I log into my group model, I get an error on one of the class libs that came with the product, OBAS400. The error is GRP1594.



This problem is specific to the CA Plex product and is not environment-related.


The error message indicates that the host group model has a time stamp for an update of the OBAS400 class library that is more recent than the update time stamp recorded for the copy of this class library that your host model is currently referring to. So apparently you updated the class library and are now pointing to the original version of the class library, but the host model still remembers the more recently updated copy of OBAS400. Group models store the information about which reference libraries are included in the LIB.TAB file in the root folder of the group model.


1. Backup the LIB.TAB file (e.g make a copy named LIBx.TAB) in the root directory of the host model.

2. Delete the original LIB.TAB file and create a new, empty LIB.TAB in the same directory.

3. Open the host model. You will find that none of the reference libraries are included.

4. Add all of the libraries that are listed in the original LIB.TAB file that you backed up in step #1 to the host group model.