Grouping your computers based on Active Directory Integration and Synchronisation

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Client automation provides the ability to populate compute groups based upon queries into active directory organisation units. This allows the computer group membership to mirror the AD organisational units.


  • Directory Integration must be configured via the "Add Directory Wizard" in the Control Panel, this is documented in the online help.
  • The Agent software must be installed on the computers so they exist in the MDB.
  • The Directory Synchronization job has been run successfully.


Once the above pre-requisites are met, it is very simple to populate the Computer Groups based on the OU's in the Active Directory by following the steps below.

  1. Create Directory Queries for the OU's
  2. Create the Groups based on these Queries
  1. Create Directory Queries for the OU's

    • Right Click on Queries and select 'New'
    • This will display the 'Select Target' dialog box

      Figure 1
    • Select 'Computers' and click OK
    • You will now be presented with the 'Query Designer' window

      Figure 2
    • Click on 'Directory Query' and this will display the 'Add Directory Argument' Dialog.

      Figure 3
    • Expand the Directory and select the OU you wish to base your Query on. If you expand the OU, you will see the content from the Directory itself.

      Figure 4
    • Once the required OU is selected, click OK.
    • This will return you to the Query Designer and you will see the Query displayed. Click 'Preview' to see the results.

      Figure 5

      Figure 6
    • Once you are happy with the Query click OK. You will be prompted to name the query. Once done the new query is saved to the All Queries group
  2. Create the Groups based on these Queries

    • Right Click on 'Computers and Users' and select 'New Group'
    • Name the group and select the Query Tab.
    • On the Query tab click the drop down for 'Associated query' and select the query created in step 1.

      Figure 7
    • Click OK
    • You will now see a new group created under 'Computers and Users'. Once the Query is evaluated the group will be populated with the computers that belong to this OU in Active Directory.