group not filled after manually change the values

Document ID : KB000096513
Last Modified Date : 18/05/2018
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Customer has experienced the following behavior:

- Area_Defaults option MUST be installed

1. Set 2 different Incident Areas with different default group and assignee
2. Open a new incident and fill out with the first Area, set with a default assignee and group.
3. As expected, the incident group and assignee will assume the values from that first Area
4. Save it and Edit.
5. Now you will change the second Area, set with default assignee and group.
6. As expected, the new assignee and group in the incident will assume values from the second Area.
7. Now the unexpected behavior:

- If customer edit the incident and cleanup the group or assignee field, and so try to change the Area again, the cleaned group or assignee will never be filled with the values from the new Area.
- they need to cancel the edition and edit the incident again.
When we select a category the group is filled automatically, normal behavior when we change the category the group change, still normal behavior.
However, when we delete only the group and try a new category (or the same) the group is not filled anymore. In this case, should the group even be filled?
CA Service Desk Manager 14.x / 17.x
This is as per design. Because we have code that ensures that NO system defaults are overwriting fields that were manually updated by the user in that specific Edit session, in this case the customer manually updated the assignee/group. We can have customers that say why is my information overwritten when I clearly changed it. It is a catch-22 and this customer is of the side on which this could be seen as a bug, but it is not.