Group box text color in Gen Toolset design versus runtime under the Windows XP theme.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The runtime font color differs from the designed font color for the Group Box text.

  1. If Windows XP theme is selected, Group Box text color in Toolset is displayed as Blue on Default Video Properties of Window on Business System Defaults on Toolset.
    It is displayed in Blue in Navigation Diagram regardless of its Mode(Window/HTML/
    However, it is displayed in Black in generated GUI application at runtime.

  2. If Windows XP theme is selected, if foreground color is changed on Default Video properties of Window on Business System Defaults, the changed color does not reflect on group box, check box, and push button at runtime.


Windows provides Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls for specifying the appearance of window controls.

The Gen r8.0 runtime is also using the common control, and using the newer version 6 by default.

However, if the version 6 is used, DBCS characters are garbled when they are entered into a DBCS entry field.

Japanese users normally remove the specification of the common control version 6 from the manifest file of application generated with Gen and use version 5.

(Reference Knowledge Document for Japanese users

The Gen r8.0 Toolset is also using the common control version 6.

The appearance was different since the common control version was different between development and runtime.

If the file TOOLSET.EXE.manifest (Gen install directory) is edited and the specification of the common control version 6 is removed, the colors of the behaviors 1 & 2 above will inherit the Navigation Diagram or Default Video Properties.

There is a following related Knowledge Document.


Title: Gen Gui Runtime with Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls version 6