grloader returns grDataMgr3500 ERROR during login to server(http:\\locahost:8080) error((400BadRequest). Unable to signon.

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Last Modified Date : 15/08/2018
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Whilst the CA Service Desk Manager service is up and running, when the following command sequence is run:

1. nxcd samples\grloader
2. grloader -s http:\\localhost:8080 -i grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx -u servicedesk -p <mypassword> -a -E
Note: In the above command, you must replace <mypassword> with the password of servicedesk user
The result which is written to the command prompt window is like:
10:36:26.068 CI and Relationship Loader for CA Service Desk Manager R12.9.000
grDataMgr3500 ERROR during login to server(http:\\localhost:8080) error((400)Bad Request)
Unable to signon.
10:36:28.271 GRLoader ended

CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.04
Windows operating system
The value of the Server URL specified after the "-s" parameter is not in the correct format.

The format of the Server URL must be according to the online help documentation.

For example, in step #2 of the "Issue" section of this article, to avoid the issue, use the following command instead:
grloader -s http://localhost:8080 -i grloader_sample_spreadsheet.xlsx -u servicedesk -p <mypassword> -a -E

Note that the Server URL that follows the "-s" parameter contains two forward-slash characters (//) instead of two back slash characters (\\).
Additional Information:
To review the format of the grloader command, run "grloader -h".

The Usage output shows the following Required parameters:
        -u    xxx     - Userid for logon
        -p    xxx     - Password for logon
        -s    xxx     - Server URL including port (I.E. http://localhost:8080