Graphs of Network devices are empty in USM Interfaces View

Document ID : KB000117858
Last Modified Date : 19/10/2018
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- Expecting to see data in the USM Device Interface View but there is no Utilization, Errors or Discards data
- UIM 8.4 or higher
- Only specific probes are used to populate this data
To populate the USM interfaces view/metrics these are the required probes:
- snmpcollector and/or
- CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA)
- CA Application Delivery Analysis
See also:
These last two products listed above must be integrated with UIM and their probes must be configured to view these metrics. For more information, see Integrating Other CA Products at
Advanced Tab
The Advanced tab displays graphs for the following snmpcollector probe metrics:
    Utilization In (%)
    Utilization Out (%)
Note: Interface utilization percentage takes into account the overridden speed configured in SNMPcollector (for example: 50 Mpbs Down/10 Mbps UP).
Note: Contents of the Advanced view changes based on configured metrics. For example, if CA Network Flow Analysis (NFA) has been integrated with UIM, NFA data is displayed in this view with a link to the NFA diagnostic view for the interface. Refer to system configuration details for metrics available to this view.
Note that the interface_traffic probe is not included.The interface_traffic probe was not meant to be used to get USM displaying the data for the Device Interface View, e.g., utilization, errors and discards