Graph Type not updated as selected graph type

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Last Modified Date : 05/11/2018
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How to correct the Graph Type of some reports according to the selected graph type (i.e.: a Pie graph remains Pie even if we select Horizontal or Vertical bars).
CA Service Management 17.1
Jaspersoft 6.3.0
Element '<reportElement x="30" y="10" width="500" height="500" uuid="xxxxxxxx"' is copied across all the report which should ignore the uuid value before the copy
Pleas follow below steps to correct the default Reports and update accordingly

1. Login to Jaspersoft server
2. Click View - Repository
3. Expand below path 
4. Export only the report to a file
5. Extract the zip file that was exported in Step 4
6. Search for the file in the extracted location
7. Edit the "" file
8. Search for the tag element '<reportElement x="30" y="10" width="500" height="500" uuid="xxxxxxxx"'
9. Update the value to '<reportElement x="30" y="10" width="500" height="500">'
10. Save the file and zip the content back with the same folder structure.
11. Copy the .zip file to the Jaspersoft server and Import it back
12. To 'Import' the report click on Manage tab - Organizations.
13. Right click on servicemanagement organization and click on Import
14. Select the .zip file and click on Import button.