Global Type sequence change required for PTF SO05552

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Last Modified Date : 11/12/2018
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Enhancement PTF SO05552 adds new Natural Types to the Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE).
Natural Adapter   - EINE Type NATADAP
Natural Class      -  EINE Type NATCLASS
Natural Function - EINE Type NATFUNC  

What is the proper Global Type sequence order for the new Natural object types?
After the PTF is Received and Applied, the ETYPESEQ member in the CEW8JCL library contains the updated Global Type Sequence order for the new Natural objects 

Use the updated ETYPESEQ member to update your Global Type sequence member identified in the C1DEFLTS table with the new NAT Types.

To location your Global Type sequence member, check your C1DEFLTS table and look for the keyword PARMLIB-  that points you to the library and  keyword TYPESEQMBR is the name of the member in the PARMLIB to update.