GitHub Webhook unable to publish event to CD Director

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Last Modified Date : 19/06/2018
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In reference to section  "Integrate with GitHub" in document  and configuring web-hook as instructed with below configuration

Payload URL:
Content type: application/json

When the code is pushed to Github repository, it publishes an event to CD Director (CDD) and results in failure with error "Something went wrong"
CA Continuous Delivery Director(SaaS)

Analyzing the issue at Github end we realized that the web-hook while publishing events ignores fraction part of version number. For example if in payload URL the application version is 1.0 the web-hook will publish only an integer part i.e. 1 and ignores .0, which result in an error of 404.

Erroneous body getting published by web-hook when application version in payload URL is 1.0

{"errors":[{"messageCode":"entityNotFound","arguments":[{"name":"entityClassName","value":"ApplicationVersion"},{"name":"entityName","value":"Sample Application/1"}],"type":"general"}]}



We review in detail and found that there was a mistake in technical document which will be corrected by technical writing team. The error is a typo/glitch where after application_version_name we are missing "/". Use the correct URL in web-hook integration and it will work as expected.

Incorrect:               http://HOST:PORT/cdd/design/tenant_id/v1/applications/application_name/application-versions/application_version_name?username=user_name

                               it should be as below mentioned.

 Correct:                http://HOST:PORT/cdd/design/tenant_id/v1/applications/application_name/application-versions/application_version_name/?username=user_name
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