Getting the error "failed to open a connection - <report_name_here>" when trying to run reports in SRM / Infoview

Document ID : KB000049713
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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On occasion you may see this error when trying to run reports if you have not used the CABI 3.2 that is available for download with Spectrum, for example, if you use the version of CABI 3.2 that is available with CA Spectrum Service Assurance (SSA) v2.5.

While it is possible to run and use an already installed version of CABI 3.2 (it must be the exact same version and service pack as in the package available with Spectrum) it is not recommended as the post install steps specific to Spectrum will not have been carried out with the result that Spectrum Report Manager (SRM) reports will not run correctly.

When you install the version of CABI 3.2 that is available for download with Spectrum, additional Spectrum specific post-install steps are run that enable the reporting function to work correctly.


You should always aim to use the Spectrum specific version of CABI but if this is not possible and you are seeing the above error you should in addition run the following:

  1. Download CA Business Intelligence r3.2 for Spectrum IM r9.2 for Windows DVD 1 of 3 DVD03144447E.iso in order to obtain the Spectrum specific post-installation scripts.

  2. Disable the integration between Spectrum IM and BOXI:

    1. Go to the Report Manager Admin Tools page on the One Click web console.

    2. Disable the integration using the Business Objects Integration link.

    3. Go to Manage Business Objects Content.

    4. Click the "Remove Content" button.

  3. Run the Spectrum post-installation scripts:

    1. Copy the CA_NVM_EXE directory from the patch directory on the CABI install media to the BOXI machine.

    2. In that directory, run the following script:

      For Solaris/Linux:
      For Windows: nvm_boxi_post_install_windows.exe

      Note: This does not deploy the well-known parameters WAR file

  4. Deploy the well-known parameters using CAF Deploy:

    1. Find cafdeploy.tar.gz on the CABI install mediaUnzip to a temporary location.

    2. Run the following command:

      ./cafdeploy md <caf directory> -u administrator p <BO_password> -l logfile

      Note: The <caf directory> is found on the CABI install media

  5. Re-enable the integration and re-try the reports.