Getting the CM CD Image File into a Virtual Media Device.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After downloading CM 8.1SP1 ISO image to my PC I need to move it to the OS/400 into a Virtual Media Device to complete the CM upgrade process.


Load Software to Your System

CRTDEVOPT DEVD(OPTVRT01) RSRCNAME(*VRT) TEXT('Virtual Optical 1') - vary on device

Figure 1


Figure 2

Now FTP the two desktop files from your PC to the iSeries in binary:

  • Type FTP (to start your FTP session)
  • Type OPEN (the x's are the TCPIP address for the AS/400)
  • Enter your user id and password
  • Type QUOTE SITE NAMEFMT 1 (this sets the naming convention)
  • Set the transfer mode to binary; type: BIN

Change directory to library where you will put the Save File; type CD /imgclg
Use the 'put' command to move the save file; type: PUT xxxxx.iso
Exit the FTP session; type: QUIT

Now you need Add Image Catalog Entry

You will need to do the same for the second disk if you have a CM Receiver.

Figure 3

Now run the following command to Work with Image Catalog Entries.
WRKIMGCLGE IMGCLG(TOCHANGES) and type a 6=Mount to mount the disk image.

Figure 4

Now run the following command again to Work with Image Catalog Entries
WRKIMGCLG TOCHANGES and type a 8=Load to load it to OPTVRT01

Figure 5

Side Note: Now you are ready to Upgrade


  2. Back up Y2SYCR and Y2SYCM to save files in case there is a problem before the upgrade.

  3. Ensure that there are no locks on Y2SYCM or Y2SYCR

  4. LODRUN OPTVRT01 (this will start the upgrade)

  5. Obtain license keys for both before the upgrade. To apply add either Y2SYCR or Y2SYCM to library list, and type RESET, type in license keys and hit enter.