Getting "Status: Error 52 . DSA is unavailable" error after upgrading Policy Store

Document ID : KB000117999
Last Modified Date : 23/10/2018
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We have tried to upgrade our Policy & User Stores which are stored in CA Directory, however after the upgrade we are getting unavailability errors in our Policy Server:

[40918/10183769928037][Thu Oct 18 2018 04:33:51][SmDsLdapFunctionImpl.cpp:2865][ERROR][sm-Ldap-01220] (Bind) DN: 'uid=smadmin,ou=Users,ou=MyLabs,o=MyOrg,c=CA'. Status: Error 52 . DSA is unavailable

After we rolled back the changes, we noticed in the CA Directory changes the following errors:

[8] 20181018.115244.628 WARN : Bind: Max associations met

We did not change the configuration, what could be causing this issue? 
Policy Server R12.7
Policy Store - CA Directory R12.0.18
When upgrading CA Directory, all the '' files coming with the product are replaced. You were using these default files instead creating your own files, to set new limits, so when the files were replaced the changes you made during configuration were lost during the upgrade, even if you did not changed the configuration manually, as the files were overwritten. There is no way to avoid this during an upgrade.

If you want to customize the parameters, you must create your own files (.dxc, .dxg, etc) by making a copy of the default.dxc file, name it as you like, make the changes in the configuration, and source the new file within the DSA .dxi file under the /servers folder. During an upgrade the process do not touch any of your custom created files while the default are replaced with the ones coming in the package.