Getting Started with the MSP New Driver with Clarity PPM

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Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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This article will walk you through tips on getting started with the Microsoft Project (MSP) New Driver / MS Project Integration Tool for working with Clarity PPM.

Clarity PPM MSP New Driver

Here is a list of getting started notes based on some commonly reported questions:

1.  Prior to installing the new driver, uninstall any existing CA MSP components from the workstation's control panel. If you run into any issues during the installation of the driver, one of the most common resolutions is found by following the steps in KB: KB000045862 to do a clean uninstall of the MSP Interface and then reinstall the interface. Important: Make sure the the bit level being installed of the MSP Interface matches the bit level of Microsoft Project. (See KB000124188 for steps on how to determine your MSP Bit Level)

2.  Check to make sure you are using a compatible version of MSP (with any required Microsoft Project updates) based on the MSP Interface version you are using.

3.  If you are installing the MSP New Driver 14.4 or higher, one of the CA supported Microsoft Project updates is required to prevent data issues. For the complete list of supported Microsoft Project updates, see KB: KB000011553. It’s recommended to be on the latest CA supported Microsoft Project update listed in this KB as there have been issues fixed by Microsoft in later updates. 

4.  If you create a task without a dependency in PPM, and the task does not start on the project start date, add a constraint to prevent the task start/finish dates from moving as the New Driver does not automatically put constraints on tasks. See KB: KB000047129 for more details on how to set up a constraint.

Tip: If you change a task’s dates in MSP, it will automatically set up a constraint for you based on the date set, so for best results, it’s recommended to change task details in MSP.

5.  Custom views are no longer saved in the MSP Project's mpp file. See KB: KB000032930 for steps on how to save custom views you want to use to your workstation's global.mpt, as well as how to change your default view when exporting projects from PPM to MSP.

6. MSP project calendar changes are no longer able to be saved in the New Driver. See KB: KB000006609 for steps to workaround this by creating resource or base calendars.

7. Check your MSP Default settings to make sure that they are compatible with integration with Clarity PPM. See KB000010047 for details on required/recommended MSP Settings when working with Clarity PPM)

Additional Information:
See: Deciding Between the Legacy and New Microsoft Project Driver for more differences between the legacy and new driver.
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