Getting "Could not find stored procedure 'SP_DBOPTION'" error when installing (Legacy KB ID CNC TS25870 )

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When you install a new SQL Server instance you must choose a code page and collation for the instance. If the collation name contains "CI", it is case insensitive, if it contains "CS", case-sensitive. The Database Install program has a button "Database Server Info" that displays information about SQL server code page and collation.

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Getting "Could not find stored procedure 'SP_DBOPTION'" error when installing
Error: "Error message:  
<time> Cannot install nES Database.
<time>  Exception: 
<time> Could not find stored procedure 'SP_DBOPTION'.

Problem Environment:
netViz Enterprise
netViz Enterprise Server (nES) 7.5
Microsoft SQL Server SP4
Microsoft Windows 2000

Causes of this problem:
The image uses a case-sensitive SQL Server installation and nES supports case-insensitive SQL Server installations only

(Legacy KB ID CNC TS25870 )