Getting error in Admin Console when trying to access sqlserver probe

Document ID : KB000072525
Last Modified Date : 03/04/2019
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On opening the configuration screen for the 'sqlserver' probe in the admin console, we are presented with an error:
The probe provisioning service at probe address "/UIMDomain/UIMHub/hostname/ppm" reported a failure.
Resolution: Please review the PPM probe logs and resolve any issues before continuing.
Error Code: MONS-025"
The configuration for another sqlserver probe on a robot on the same network works fine.
Restarting as well as Deactivating and Activating 'sqlserver' and 'ppm' did not help.
UIM 8.51
sqlserver 5.30

The config file for the sqlserver.cfg file is corrupted.  This may happen if direct edits were done with a text editor or the probe utility.
Delete the 'sqlserver' probe and redeploy it.