Generate Online DSNZPARM report in RC/Query for DB2 UDB for z/OS

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I view the DSNZPARMS setting online?


The DSNZPARM report presents valuable information about the parameters used during the installation of the local DB2 subsystem.

The DSNZPARMS can be displayed online by setting the DB2 Object ===> SY and the OPTION ===> Z on the RCQ Main Menu.

   RQM    r11.5  ---------------- RC/Q Main Menu --------------- 2008/06/24 11:12 
   COMMAND ===>                                                                  
   DB2 Object ===> SY                       Option  ===> Z     Where => N         
    Item Name ===> *                    >  Creator ===> *                    > 
    Qualifier ===> *                    >  Grantor ===> *                    > 
   ----------------------------------------------------------------- LEYJA02      
   Location ===> LOCAL               DB2 SSID ===> D81A   DB2 Version => V8R1M0 

This information includes:

Minimum Value - allowed by DB2
Maximum Value - allowed by DB2
Current Value - Value specified at installation time

The DSNZPARM information can also be requested in a Batch Report. In BR (Batch Reporting) the information can be requested with the options below and then viewed with SYSVIEW.

 Rpt. Selection: DB2 Object => SY        Option  => Z 
   EQF  Selection: EQF Name   => *        Creator => *        Where => N 
   Loc: LOCAL ---------- SSID: D81A ----------LEYJA02 -                     > 
        Enter 'S 
   REPORT/QUERY   DESCRIPTION                    ITEM NAME          CREATOR  QUA 
    _ DSNZPARM (Z LIST DSNZ SYSTEM PARAMETERS    __________________ ________ ____ 

This information can also be viewed using the Thread Terminator and Insight Performance Monitor for DB2 for z/OS products.