General Steps to Perform a CA PPM upgrade to 15.1

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The following are the general steps to perform an upgrade to PPM 15.1.0 Base version.

Please review the following documentation for upgrade paths and considerations:




Prepare the destination TEST location/environment.

1. Make sure a valid backup of the source PPM application folder exists.
2. Make sure a valid backup of the source PPM database copy (MSSQL or Oracle) exists.
3. Copy the source PPM application folder and PPM database to the destination TEST location/environment.
4. Restore the PPM application backup to the TEST location/environment.
5. Restore the PPM database backup to the TEST location/environment.
6. Verify the source to destination refresh works.

Install the desired upgraded version of PPM on the server.

7. After verifying the refresh is complete, do the following:
a. Stop and remove all PPM services.
b. Ensure enough diskspace exists.
c. Verify the JDK path is valid.
d. Verify the JRE path is valid.(Optional)
e. Verify the TOMCAT installation and path is valid.
f.  Verify the TOMCAT_JASPERSOFT installation and path is valid. (Optional)
g. Obtain the desired PPM installation media and thirdparty.libs.x.x.x.jar.
h. Create a TEMP_PPM folder to work with installation. Make sure the only file that exists in the folder is the PPM install.jar.
i.  Make sure the thirdparty.libs.x.x.x.jar is in a location that is not in the PPM_HOME directory.
j. Make a copy of the PPM_HOME\config\properties.xml
l. Start the beacon and csa services.
m. Login to the CSA to Verify the database state is Available.

8. From the TEMP_PPM, run command: jar -xvf install.jar, to extract the contents.

9. Run the installation by running the install script.

Follow the instructions in providing the correct input information
Agree to the prompts.
Allow the installation to complete.

If the the precheck fails, check for ERRORS that can cause an upgrade failure by
reviewing the TEMP_PPM\checkinstall\check-logs\precheck-results.html
If there are any, please correct the error before rerunning the install again.

10. Allow the upgrade procedure to complete.

Check the following files:

ROLLBACK (if needed)

Depending on the issue, a rollback may not be required.
Create an issue with CA Support, if there is an error needing investigation.

Additional Information:

15.1 Installing and Upgrading

If Jaspersoft/Data Warehouse (DWH) is needed