Garbled characters in tickets created by the Email generation.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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There might be the situation where a garbled character is set when a new ticket is created using Maileater. In this case the field that has the garbled character is the last parameter specified in the mail body when the user emails it to the Maileater.


Root Cause:

This may be caused by the mail server side's configuration. Generally, When the mail server sends the email to the mail client, it sends the information that is the length of the mail content. The information is provided by a value called "RFC822.SIZE". If the real length of the mail content is 100 and the mail server is configured with the value of RFC822.SIZE=80 ( for example), the mail client determines that the necessary data length is 80. So, the remained 20 character will be truncated by the mail client.

It is necessary for CA SDM to receive the same length information by RFC822.SIZE as the length of the real mail content. The reason for the garbled character is the situation that the RFC822.SIZE provided a longer length than the real length.

For example, the real length of the mail content is 100 and the RFC822.SIZE=120; in that case, the data as mail content does not included the last 20 characters. Then, CA SDM will read it as it expects the mail content, but the memory area has irrelevant data there. Hence, that additional part shows up as the garbled character.



Per the description in the "Root Cause" section, it is necessary to set the configuration such that the mail server sets the real length of the mail content to the RFC822.SIZE that is to be provided to the mail client(maileater).

In order to do that, the following settings need to be performed on the MS Exchange Server.

Set-CASMailbox <IMAP account on Exchange Serverwho the maileater uses>

Regarding the Exchange Server configuration, please consult with Microsoft's Support.