New parameters for garbageCollectTaskPersistence in IM 12.6.8

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Last Modified Date : 06/04/2018
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Customers upgrading to Identity Manager 12.6.8, who are running the garbageCollectTaskPersistence stored procedure manually, will encounter the following error

Procedure or function 'garbageCollectTaskPersistence' expects parameter '@task_limit', which was not supplied. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 201).
IDM 12.6.8 and higher
You can set both parameters as an empty string and get the purge to execute: 

@task_limit = '' 
@totalTasks = '' 

If you do want to take advantage of these two new required parameters, this is how those parameters are used: 

Task limit is a number that would limit the number of tasks that would get archived. It's useful mainly when you don't know the volume of tasks that qualify (which at times can be millions), and you want to limit the amount of resources the DB was need over this. So you'd say, for example, 10000, meaning after it cleans up 10k tasks it would stop even though there are more qualified transactions under your criteria. The total tasks parameter is an output parameter - when a task gets archived it increases this by one and when it's completed you'd get Total Tasks output saying how many transactions got cleaned up. Please let me know if you have further questions in this thread. IDM 12.6.8