Gantt Column Alignment Issue when the Columns are Resized in PPM Clarity

Document ID : KB000092800
Last Modified Date : 18/01/2019
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After resizing some Gantt columns, the task alignment is off for some of the tasks (typically starting between task 15 - 20). 

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Create a new project with at least 25 tasks
2. Go to the Tasks tab
3. From the Tasks drop down, select 'Gantt'
4. Ensure the Gantt view is expanded so all tasks are displayed by default
5. Expand the Start column by clicking on the right hand side of the column header and dragging the arrow to the right (Resize it about twice the width of the column size out of the box)
6. View the tasks in the Gantt (you may have to scroll down to task 20 or more in the Gantt to see the issue)

Expected Results: Task alignment shows the same for all tasks in the Gantt
Actual Results:  Task alignment is off for some of the tasks (Typically between task 15 - 20). The Start Date column, and columns after the Start Date are indented to the right more than tasks above them.

This issue is caused by: DE40518
This issue is fixed in PPM Clarity 15.5.1.

Option 1. Resizing the task columns to be back to the out of the box size will remove the symptoms.
Option 2. The other option is to double click on the right hand side of the header of the first column having the issue (in this example the Start column). However, as you scroll down in the Gantt, you may have to continue to do this step.