XIO00029 during Repository Insert

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Last Modified Date : 15/08/2018
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COBOL programs running against the Repository via DBXVLI2 are abending with a XIO00029 error.    

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As the message indicates, there is a code table assigned to the STATUS column on the Repository entity where the insert is attempt to take place.
The code table contains values which are valid during Repository operations such as insert, update and delete. 
The status specified is not within the allowable values specified in the Repository Code Variance table. 
Update the code table associated with the STATUS column on the Repository map/entity in question to allow the status specified to be an acceptable value. 
This can be accomplished via an SQL statement outside of the Repository to update the code table. 
By default the STATUS column uses code table 024.   Lets say for example the status I am trying to use is MINE.   To add MINE to the code variance table for code table
024 the following SQL statement can be run via SPUFI to add the new row

('024', ' ' , ' ' , 'MINE' , 1 ,            
'MINE' , ' ' , ' ' , 0 , 0 , 'N' , 'MINE'); 

If you are not using code table 024 for the status table, then first determine your code table and then update using the sql statement above.