FTP insertion of CRLF characters in file during transmission

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When doing an FTP of a 132 character file, there are 2 hex characters being inserted at the beginning of the file '0C' and '0D'(CRLF).


Type A N (ANSI, No-Format-Control) is the default for our FTP's Server TYPE command. When specifying either TYPE A or TYPE E, N is still the default.

Thus, the data set does not have format control characters, even though the data set does and is defined as FBA.

To get the file transferred correctly for TCPaccess FTP Client to TCPaccess FTP Server, use TYPE A C (ASA Format Control), or TYPE E C.

When transferring from TCPaccess FTP Client to IBM FTP Server, use LQUOTE TYPE A C, or LQUOTE TYPE E C along with QUOTE TYPE E, since IBM does not recognize the TYPE C subcommand.

See the rules for "Retrieving Line Image Files", converting the "1" Form-Feed ASA character to CR FF text (0D 0C text). (TCPaccess User's Guide, Chapter 5 Server FTP, under "Character Type Rules".)