FTE Field in OData Feed/ Data Warehouse

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Last Modified Date : 21/12/2018
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Please help us with out the Table and Field Names in the CA PPM Data Warehouse schema for the field identified in the screenshot below:

User-added image
Weekly Team FTE in the Investment Mangement Domain is a label, not a field, but there are for measures under that label.

Assuming that you want the source tables and fields for these measures, you can follow the steps below to view the source for each of the calculated fields for each measure: 

(1) navigate to the domain folder in the repository 

(2) edit the Investment Management domain 

(3) click the hyperlink for the "edit with domain designer" 

(4) select the "display" tab in the domain designer 

(5) locate the FTE label using the same path that you identied in your screenshot within the Sets and Items panel 

(6) select any of the four measures under the FTE label 

(7) in the Properties pane on the RHS of the Sets and Items panel, scroll down to the "Data Properties" section and review the value in the 'Source' field. 

(8) Now select the "Calculated Fields" tab and locate the source field that matches the value you found in the source field in step 7 

(9) the data for this field should then display in the calculated field properties pane. 

The expression field will show you the view name and field name and the source fields used to calculate the attribute. 

For example: 

Team Allocation FTE (Measure):