From within a CA Ramis SBX procedure, how can I determine the 'SCREEN' setting?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I determine the 'SCREEN' setting from within my SBX procedure? I need to determine whether it is 'SCREEN ON' or 'SCREEN OFF'?


The CA Ramis SBX variable %TERMINAL will tell you.

From the CA Ramis System Building Executive (SBX) manual, section 9.2.1 Identifying the Operating Mode:

The %TERMINAL system variable identifies the operating mode (batch or interactive), and, if the mode is interactive,
the terminal type to which RAMSYSIN is directed.
Possible values are: 
The %TERMINAL variable is set by CA Ramis. 
Value Mode or Terminal 
----- ---------------- 
0 Batch. 
1 Teletype or video display terminal without Screen Manager. 
2 Model 2 (24x80) video display terminal. 
3 Model 3 (32x80) video display terminal. 
4 Model 4 (43x80) video display terminal. 
5 Model 5 (27x132) video display terminal. 

So, you can test the value of %TERMINAL in your SBX procedure during execution.

The value 1 indicates that this SBX procedure is executing with SCREEN OFF, the value 0 indicates that this is running in batch, and values 2-5 indicate that this is running with SCREEN ON and what terminal type is running on.