FQDN name change in SOI 4.2

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Last Modified Date : 27/11/2018
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What do I need to consider when the FQDN name of the SOI Manager Server needs to be changed.
SOI 4.2
The hostname has been set in the configuration files on the Manager and Connector servers and DNS or etc/hosts files. 
Following configuration files on the Manager and IFW can be check for the hostname changes: 

1) SOI\resources\Configurations\SSA_IFW_servername.xml 
2) SOI\tomcat\registry\topology\physical\node0\sor\wsman.properties 
3) SOI\SamUI\webapps\sam\server-config.xml 
4) SOI\SamUI\webapps\ssamobile\WEB-INF\classes\ssamobile.properties 
5) CA\SOI\apache-activemq\conf\activemq.xml 
6) SOI\tomcat\lib\jmsconnect.properties 
7) SOI\resources\mtc_servername.xml 
8) SOI\resources\eventManagerServerConfig.xml 
9) SOI\tomcat\common\classes\eventManagerClientConfig.xml 
10) SOI\tomcat\registry\topology\physical\node0\sor:restserver.xml,sorapp.xml,ssaserver.xml 

On the connector servers: 

=> \SOI\resources\configurations\SSA_IFW_<servername>.xml 

The steps below can be run to delete any eventual cached information. 

1. Stop the all SOI services including all containers and connectors 
2. Delete the ..\tomcat\work and ..\tomcat\temp folders on the SOI Manager 
3. Delete all files from CA\SOI\apache-activemq\data\kahadb 
4. Delete the ..\SamUI\work and ..\Samui\Temp folders on the UI server 
5. Start ActiveMQ, Manager and UCF Broker services first and let manager comes online 
6. Once Triage tests on Manager debug page are completed, Start other services and connectors one by one 

Note: Steps above are related to SOI 4.2 and should be run on test environment first to check if every thing works fine after FQDN changes and files changes.