FORMAT FILE fails with DB002252 I/O Error 12 and IEC031I D37-04 messages? Am using DSNTYPE=EXTENDED. What?s causing this?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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I am formatting some new files and am getting errors relating to size. 

IDMSBCF 18.5 CA IDMS Batch Command 

Status = 0 SQLSTATE = 00000 
Status = -4 SQLSTATE = 5000B Messages follow: 
DB002252 C-4M352: Function WRITE DDname PHYADR43 - I/O error 12 

Command Facility ended with errors 
IEC031I D37-04

What’s causing this?



The IDMS database file was being allocated with the EXTREQ values in the "Data set name type" field (thus forcing it to be EXTENDED), and 1000 "Secondary tracks." Since IDMS r17.0, DSNTYPE=LARGE is supported for all file types. On the other hand, DSNTYPE=EXTENDED is only allowed for REORG work files. Both LARGE and EXTENDED format files can have more than 65,535 tracks on a single volume.


Additional Information:

CA IDMS 18.5 Utility Guide,

Chapter 5: Utility Statements, Sizing work files:

“Consider using extended format data sets for large work files. Although this adds 32 bytes of overhead to each block, extended format data sets can have more extents across more volumes than a basic format data set.”


CA IDMS Release Summary r17 SP1, Chapter 7: Administrative and Operational Enhancements, Support for Large and Extended Format Files;


  CA IDMS now supports large format single volume files in z/OS for database

  and journal files and both large and extended format for work files      

  dynamically created by the REORG utility. Both large and extended format 

  files can have more than 65,535 tracks on a single volume.