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Last Modified Date : 20/07/2018
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CA Privileged Access Manager (CA PAM) has two pre-configured user accounts: 'super' and 'config'. The 'super' is a superuser (or root) account that has access to all CA Privileged Access Manager settings (and thus the config account settings).

'config' (root account)


We recommend that you use this configuration account only for initial setup. Change the password from default using the Change Password button in the Toolbar Menu. Consider also changing the "config" Login Id in addition to the Password using the Change Password menu. Store the password in a safe place and use it only for emergencies when other authentication methods are not available.

This account is used only for CA Privileged Access Manager configuration


How to reset the 'config' user password to factory default, in case the modified password is lost / forgotten?

Any supported PAM release as of July 2018.

Follow the steps below to reset the 'config' user password to factory default for a PAM Virtual appliance:

- Connect to the EXS server where CA PAM is hosted.
- Open the CA PAM console tab from the ESX host.
- Once in the Console Tab, the main menu appears.
- In the main menu, select ‘Reset Password’


Selecting this option will reset the ‘config’ user password to the default password which is ‘config’

For hardware appliances the Reset Password option is available on the front panel, see e.g.

Additional Information:

For changing the password of the 'config' user to a password of your choice after resetting it, follow the below steps. (these are as well provided in the product documentation)

·         Access URL: https://YourCAPAMaddress/config/

·         In the pop-up window, enter: User Name: config / Password: config

·         When you are logged in, click Change Password in the upper right-hand toolbar menu.

·         In the Password and Confirm fields (in the Change Config User Login Id and Password panel), enter your new password.

·         In the same panel, click Update.
As long as the updated passwords match, you are immediately logged out and returned to the administration login page. 


·         You can also access the Config menu through the Admin menu.