Flowdock: Troubleshooting Email Notifications

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Last Modified Date : 23/10/2018
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Notifications emails from Flowdock can be initiated as part of several different processes, but each will come from the same address.

Email messages will be generated from Flowdock for the following actions:
  • Inviting a user to an organization or flow
  • As part of the notification system for @everyone, @team, @mentions, @@group, or 1-to-1 conversations
  • Certain administrative changes that affect your roles in the Flowdock organization


Currently all notifications for our SaaS based customers come from the address CA Agile Central Notification [noreply@flowdock.com]. To ensure that email is properly delivered, have your IT group whitelist emails from noreply@flowdock.com.
Be sure to check the junk/spam mail folder and any spam filters for this account to make sure that these emails aren't being misfiled, filtered or blocked.

Email Security Service

Some companies subscribe to an email security service which requires email directory synchronization between the corporate email servers and the service provider.  If emails are failing to be delivered from an outside email service such as GMail, then this may be the cause and you will need to work with your IT department to ensure that the synchronization is occurring as expected.  A work around for this is to set the user's email address to an outside email address provided by a third party such as GMail, or Yahoo.

Email Server Delays

It is possible that delays can be introduced by mail server delays in your corporate network.  Sometimes there are additional mail server hops that may be spooling messages slower than usual due to a high level of activity.  These delays can be discovered by examining the headers of the email once it has been received.

User Settings

Each user can choose to enable or disable notification functionality by clicking their Avatar in the Flowdock application and clicking Preferences -> Notifications. The "Email" section must have some options enabled here in order to receive email notifications.

As always, you are welcome to open a case to request assistance in troubleshooting email issues.

Support is able to search email logs to see if an email was triggered or not, however we are unable to view mail logs directly. 
In order to search logs, we will need the following:
  • A precise time with timezone that you initiated an action which would have generated the email
  • The email address to which the email is destined
If an email is delayed, support will need a copy of the email attached to the case so that we can investigate headers to determine the amount of time that the email spent being relayed to your inbox.