Fix CA API Gateway 9.0 patch installation error

Document ID : KB000100989
Last Modified Date : 25/06/2018
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On the way of upgrading CA API Gateway v9.0 to v9.3 (Virtual Appliance), Patch ID Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00 was installed but "ERROR" is shown in the patch list instead of "INSTALLED".

1. Login as "ssgconfig"
2. Select "8) Display Patch Management menu"
3. Select "4) List the patches uploaded to the Gateway"

1) Patch ID Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00 (Upgrades the Layer 7 64bit Platform to the 9.1.00 version. This patch requires that the 9.0.00 Platform Update be installed first. It also requires a restart of the Layer 7 Appliance.) is ERROR, last modified on 2018-06-08T16:40:03+0900
CA API Gateway v9.0 virtual appliance
One of patch installation scripts failed to update "/etc/rsyslog.conf" file. The file was modified by hand for satisfying administrative requirements on the site.
The "/etc/rsyslog.conf" file should not be changed. Additional settings for "rsyslogd" should be placed in "/etc/rsyslog.d/example.conf" file instead.
Before installing the "Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00.L7P" patch file again, reverting to a VM snapshot with the unmodified "/etc/rsyslog.conf" file is recommended.
If no VM snapshot is available, please follow the steps below.

1. Copy one of backup files in "/opt/SecureSpan/Appliance/config/bash_log" directory to "/etc/rsyslog.conf". The file shouldn't be handcrafted but it is newer is better.
2. Delete the following three file.
  • /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/var/patches/Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00.L7P
  • /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/var/patches/Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00.L7P.LCK
  • /opt/SecureSpan/Controller/var/patches/Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00.status
3. Upload and install the "Layer7_PlatformUpdate_64bit_v9.1.00.L7P" patch file.