Find a Lost or Missing Story

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Some tips on how to locate a lost story.


I'm unable to locate a story. ?


Using either the search box on each page or by using the search icon (magnifying glass in the upper right) should locate the stories if they have not been deleted. ?The only places search would not have looked would be closed projects or the recycle bin. ?The recycle bin is in the lower right corner. ??

If the?missing?story is a child story and the parent?story?was deleted, the child would not appear in the recycle bin. ?When a parent?story?is deleted, it is sent to the recycle bin with it's children, but the child stories are not visible there. ?The only way to know would be to restore the user stories from the recycle bin, and see if the user story you are?missing?is restored with them as well.
If the story was not deleted, it may be in a closed project. ?To determine this, the closed projects will need to be reopened to allow you to search. ?To open a project (must be either a Workspace Admin for the workspace, or Subscription Admin), click Setup > Workspaces and Projects, click on the applicable workspace. ?Then click on Project on the left. ?The projects and their status will be listed. ?The closed projects will need to be edited, and the status changed to open. ?It is recommended that you look in the recycle bin for each reopened project, as well as using search.?
If search doesn't find the story and it is not a child of a deleted parent, or in a closed project, the story will need to be recreated.

If you know an item the story was associated with, check the revision history of that item.? For example, if your user story was part of an iteration, you could go to Plan > Iterations > click on the Iteration name and select the Revision link to look for entries such as:
? Unscheduled User?Story??[US1: Name ? ?(Moved to Recycle Bin)]

This row will also provide you with the date/timestamp as well as the individual who performed the action.