Financial Transactions in Invalid Transaction Log shows a rejected message with the reason 'missing or invalid or inactive charge code'

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Administration, Invalid Transaction Log shows entries that are rejected. How do I fix the records based on the error messages that appear? The error message shown is "missing or invalid or inactive charge code".


Message: "missing or invalid or inactive charge code"

The timesheet transaction or project has a missing, invalid or inactive charge code. The application first looks at the transaction (or timesheet entry). If the transaction does not have a charge code defined, then the application will look at the Task Charge Code. If the transaction (timesheet entry) does not have a charge code AND the Task does not have a charge code, the application will look at the Project Charge Code. If a resource does not enter a Charge Code on their timesheet and the project does not have a Charge Code defined, this error message will be generated.

To resolve this issue, you can make an adjustment to the transaction on the timesheet to add or modify the Charge Code, but it is easier to simply enter the Charge Code on the Task or Project and all transactions or timesheets with missing or incorrect charge codes will automatically get processed with the Charge Code defined on the Project during the next execution of the 'Post Transactions to Financials' job. The charge code is not a required field on the Project, task or timesheet, but when you desire financial transactions, it is necessary and this is where you would change it.

If a charge code is present in any one of the three places described above, perhaps the Charge Code is Inactive. Go to Administration, Charge Codes to check and re-activate the Charge Code.

If you make an adjustment to the timesheet, execute the 'Post Timesheets' job before you execute the 'Post Financial Transactions' job.  This will create a new set of transaction records in Administration, Invalid Transaction Log - one record with a negative quantity that will offset the original time entry transaction without the Charge Code value and one record with a positive quantity with the Charge Code value from the adjustment time entry transaction.

If you do not make a Timesheet Adjustment, and you simply make a change to the Task or the Project Charge Code field, executing the 'Post Financial Transactions' job will re-process the 'Rejected' invalid transaction. If there are no other reasons for rejection, the transaction will disappear from the Administration, Invalid Transactions listing page, moving into the PPA_TRANSCONTROL tables and is now ready for the 'Post to WIP' action.

Note: Current design of the application requires the use of a Charge Code value for posting actual financial transactions even if the Charge Code attribute is not used in the associated Rate Matrix column definitions for computing the actual cost.

Additional Information:

Reference TEC438643 : How do I get the 'Actuals' to appear on the Project, Detailed Financial Cost Plan?