File transfers from AS400 change the file name from FILENAME to FILENAME(<Member>)

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Last Modified Date : 21/11/2018
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After upgrading Automic Workload Automation (AWA) from version 8 to version 11.2, files transferred from the AS400 Agent adds the Member name in parenthesis to the filename. This happens when sending files from AS400 to either Windows or Unix OS.
E.g. if Member is TEST and filename is MYTEST, and we are sending from AS400 to Unix.

Expected Result: File lands on the Unix system as MYTEST.
Actual Result: File lands on the Unix system as MYTEST(TEST).
This was a change in design with file transfers and wildcards since version 9. 
The file transfer-behavior in version 9 changed the handling of wildcards in combination with ".FILE". When using a wildcard on a Filename with the pattern "FILE*", all resolve all members inside the file and transfer them to the destination. As a file can contain multiple members the chosen naming will preserve the information that the transferred object is a member and where it originated from.

Below are the possible ways to specify a path and the results:

1) USERLIB\FILE(/*) -> gets all the members inside a file -> result: file(member1), file(member2) 
2)USERLIB\FILE* -> gets all files with the name pattern and extracts all members -> result: file1(member1), file1(member2), file2(member1), file2(member2) 
3) USERLIB\FILE -> gets the file only -> result: file