FDM: Mapper Build to Disable the Password Encryption

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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FDM Mapper has the ability to check and uncheck the password encryption. However, this can cause security risks for some customers.




Fast Data Masker : Mapper

The GTMapper.exe is available as a patch. To receive the patch, please open a support case referencing this knowledge base article.


To open a support case:

1.Login to https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/anonymous/newhome
2.Hover over the 'Case Management' icon and choose 'Open a new case' from the list that appears.
3.Enter in the following Product Information:
- Product: (Whichever name your contract has: CA Test Data Manager for Generation and Test Matching or CA Test Data Manager for Masking and Subsetting)
- Release: (What numbers are shown here depends on what you chose for the product name: 3.1, 3.2, 3.5 versus 4.0, 4.2, 4.5)
- Component: (This is whatever module the issue appears in with the TDM package. In this case, choose CA Test Data Manager- Fast Data Masker)
- Operating System: (Whichever you have TDM or FDM installed on: Windows 2008, 2012, etc.)
4.Enter in the following Case Information:
- Severity: (This can be a 2, 3, or 4 depending on how urgent the issue is)
- Case Title: (Need patch from TEC1266063)
- Description: (I am referencing knowledge base article ID TEC1266063 and need the patch mentioned in the article)
- Business Impact: (List here any urgency or deadlines that you need this by or how this is affecting your deliverables)
5.Verify your Contact Information:
- Please make sure that your Primary Phone number and Email Address are correct.
6.Click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the screen.

A member of the support team will be assigned your case and they will contact you. Your patch will be uploaded to CA Support Online and they will give you the below information.


To download the patch:

1.Login to https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/anonymous/newhome
2.Hover over the 'Case Management' icon and choose 'View Cases' from the list that appears.
3.Enter in the support case number in the search field text box.
4.Click the 'Go' button.
5.Click on the case number from the results list.
6.Click on the 'File Attachments' tab.
7.Choose the 'File Transfer Using Thin Client' option.
8.Click on the 'files_from_CA' button.
9.Choose the file you need to download.
10.Click the 'Download' button.


How to apply the patch:


Unzip the contents of the zip file (GTMapper.exe) into the Home folder of FDM installation.

GTMapper Version: 4.6.413.0  Build date: 6th June 2017 

Default location: C:\Program Files\Grid-Tools\FastDataMasker

On startup, the mapper connection screen has the encrypt password checkbox checked and disabled. 




Note: The user can override this from the main Configuration menu -> Allow Password Unencrypted

Additional Information:

If you face any issues or have any questions about the steps, please open a support case by going to https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/anonymous/newhome or by calling customer care at http://www3.ca.com/us/support/customer-assistance.aspx.