FAQSASO is replying to partitions with EOB and there is no message action defined to do this.

Document ID : KB000023153
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A job ran that required REPLY and FAQS responded EOB causing the job to crash.
They see ASO IC $REPLY pid on the console and there is no message action defined for the partition or message.


Some of the sample commands call the $REPLY imod that will stack an EOB when the name of a static partition is entered on the console and enter is hit.
When a job that requires a reply runs in this partition it can trigger the stacked EOB response.


 To avoid the unintentional stacking of replies disable the command that trigger the $reply imod.

Verify the name of the startup file your are using:

Locate the execution of GSFAQS utility in your ASI proc and find the startup file used.

STARTUP PRODVSE1           <- name listed here 

Identify the name of the command file used.

To do this, enter the AO menu, select I then G and edit the startup file you are using.

You will see.

Message file ==> PRODVSE1 <=== 
Command file ==> PRODVSE1 <=== 

  Press PF3 twice  to get back to the main AO menu and select C Command Definitions.

Check for                            

 FB                N IMOD=$REPLY     

 F1                N IMOD=$REPLY     

 F2                N IMOD=$REPLY    

DELETE the commands for the STATIC pids from the command file by placing an 'L' next to it and hitting enter.


Press PF6 to load the command file.