FAQs on ESP dSeries server license

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Answers for common ESP dSeries server license questions.


  1. How can I apply for new license?

    Contact CA license center via the following ways:

    Prepare the following information to speed up license acquisition:

    • The file machine.spec under dSeries server installation directory.

    • Optionally, if there is any trouble starting server with license file previously sent, the tracelog.txt would be helpful to identify the reason. (See Q3 for details).

  2. Where can I find the license file?

    <dSeries server installation directory>/ConfigurationServer/Resources/License.cyb

  3. How can I identify an incorrect license file?

    When invalid license is used, dSeries server won't be able to successfully start. In server trace log (<dSeries server installation directory>/Resources/LogFiles/tracelog.txt) at the end, there would be lines stating that the license is invalid, with necessary reason. E.g.:
      20070822 11:45:14.713 [ID: 0] main: The license is invalid with wrong   hostname: XXXXX cybermation.configurationserver.a.d
    Common error with license file:

    • Incorrect hostname specified in license file.

    • Incorrect installation directory specified in license file.

    • License file corrupted.

    • Number of agent specified insufficient to deploy more agents.

  4. Can a user replace the expiring license on the fly without restarting the system?

    No, in dSeries 5.0 a user cannot replace an expiring license on the fly.  The server only updates the License file; it does not detect and re-load the License if it is replaced. In fact, if you replace the License file (on the fly) followed by adding an agent to the topology, etc, the new License file will be replaced by the Server because the server saves its updated in memory License back to the file system.

  5. Is the server shutting down when the license is expiring?

    By default in dSeries 5.0, the License thread wakes up at midnight and checks if the License has expired.  If the License has expired, the server is stopped and the following message is sent to the admin email.