False converted models with NewMM.pl after installation from Spectrum 10.2.2

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Last Modified Date : 25/06/2018
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After the installation of Spectrum 10.2.2 some models where converted with NewMM.pl.

Devices with OID (ASR1001X) were on Spectrum 9.4.x of type GnSNMPDev and are on Spectrum 10.2.2 after rurning the NewMM.pl script of type Rtr_Cisco.

The devices are now located under "Cisco IOS - SSH Capable", but the tab for "Host Configuration" is disabled (grey). All new modeled devices of this type do not show the issue.
Spectrum 10.2.2
The root cause of this issue is not clear, yet.
After comparing with the "show attributes" (CLI) command running on a "old" (not converted) and the new (successfully converted) device with the "Host Configuration" tab showing:
Command run as follows:
- Logon to the SpectroServer for this landscape.
- From bash shell ("bash -login" - opens in $SPECROOT)
- cd vnmsh
- ./connect
- show models | grep show attributes mh= >> model-attrs.out 
(to extract into a file to compare with each other)

After comparing the files ...
- We could see a difference in attribute NCM_DEVICE_FAMILY_INDEX (0x12bef)
- Asked to set it to "Cisco IOS-SSH device family type"
- Close the OneClick Console and re-open to check

Customer tested this and it worked in this case.
Additional Information:
There is only this workaround, because it was not possible to recreate the issue internally. Only with a SSdb and a simulation of some failed devices, this can be picked up again.