False alarm from probe but can not find the settings in the cfg file

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Last Modified Date : 06/12/2018
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We received an alert for from the CDM probe for a Drive space issue on a server.
However when we check the MCS setup and the cdm.cfg file for the robot the alarm is for we do not see the drive in quesion being monitored.
Why are we getting this alarm and how to do correct / stop it?

NOTE: this could be for any local monitoring probe not just CDM.
UIM 9.X and earlier
ANY probe
ANY robot.
A robot was cloned that had the robotname and robotip set in the robot.cfg file
When the cloned machine was activated with a new IP address and Hostname the robot.cfg was not updated manually as is required
and so all information being sent from the robot is sending the incorrect IP and robotname into UIM.
This will be caused by a system that was cloned and now has a new hostname and IP address, but the robot.cfg has the old robot name and IP address.

This is why when you go to the cdm probe on the correct machine you do not find the I drive in monitoring but you are still getting an alarm.

As the information being sent is not correct for the IP and robot name from the application side we cannot provide insight into the actual IP and hostname that is sending the alarm.

The best way I have found to find and correct this problem is to set up a windows task or cron job on the hub.
Set it to go off every 30 seconds and run a netstat -ano command can append the output to a file and run that for 30 minutes

when it is complete import the new file to excel and sort by IP address.

then compare the IP address to the list of IP address shown in IM for the hub.
You will find one or more that does not show up in IM.
You can then connect to this device(s) and correct the settings to resolve this issue.