Fallback from CA Endevor V18 to release 12 or higher

Document ID : KB000010730
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Here are consideration regarding the upgrade from 12 or higher to V18 and a possible fallback


There is no problem to fallback to version 12.0 or higher but there is some rules to observe and explained below.

This document apply to any version from 12.0 to 17.0


1. The formats of MCF's, ELIBs, Element Catalog and Index ,ACMQ files (ROOT/XREF), etc. have not been changed between these releases (Same Record layouts).

2. Is there anything that you will not be able to do on the CA Endevor version 12.0 system, after working with the data with V18?

-> We suggest to build a test environment separated from the existing production environment, as explained below: 

3. Is there anything else you need to know regarding fallback from V18 to 12.0 (or higher) and/or data sharing between these releases.

  • Refrain from using new features until after they are sure that they won't need to fallback. Just as a precaution. 
    New features might write data in the files which is not expected by the old release which might therefore have an adverse reaction to it.
  • 18.0 may use processors generated at previous release but the opposite is NOT true.
    Therefore, if you had generated processors under V18, they will have to generate them again under 12.0 when they fall back.