Failed to insert event due data too long for column 'event_msg' type=0x6330071, 0x6330076

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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The SRM (Spectrum Report Manager) reporting database is out of synchronization. It stopped processing the events from the Archive Manager.

The following errors were found in the $SPECROOT/tomcat/logs/stdout.log or catalina.out file:

May 02, 2018 09:38:00.784 (SRM/LandscapeManager/LandscapeThread_0) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - Failed to insert event into event table. SQL Exception code: 1406 SQL Exception message: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'event_msg' at row 1 Last known event time = 1524374934000
May 02, 2018 09:38:00.784 (SRM/LandscapeManager/LandscapeThread_0) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - event record (mh=0x133dde, type=0x6330076, time=2018-04-22 02:28:54.0)
May 02, 2018 09:38:00.971 (SRM/LandscapeManager/LandscapeThread_0) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - Database ERROR processing events for domain SpectroSERVER01. Will not poll domain 
CA Spectrum 10.x and CA UIM 8.x + spectrumgtw probe 8.6x
There is an event with too long string in the event message, tons of "Cleared" word.
"Apr 22, 2018 2:28:56 AM BRT","","","Server01","Sun 22 Apr, 2018 - 02:28:56 - NIMSOFT SNMP GATEWAY

Nimsoft Event generated with the following details:
Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared 
:Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Cleared :Event - MSExchange event: Source=MSExchange ADAccess, Severity=warning, Message=Process w3wp.exe () (PID=14536). Configuration object CN=Custom Message Tracking-CL - Recipient Management,CN=Role Assignments,CN=XXXX,CN=YYYYYY,CN=Microsoft Exchange,CN=Services,CN=Configuration,DC=domain,DC=local read from SERVER102.domain.local failed validation and will be excluded from the result set.  Set event logging level for Validation category to Expert to get additional events about each failure.
Source: Server01
Level: 0
Suppression Key: 
Probe Name: exchange_monitor
UIM_Alarm_ID: LI97117153-53791
Alarm Source: 2
ChangeOwner: 3
Trouble Ticket ID: 
Trouble Shooter: 
User Tag 1: BR_SP_OFFICE 365
User Tag 2: 
Custom 1: 
Custom 2: 
Custom 3: 
Custom 4: 
Custom 5: 
Spectrum Event ID: 0x06330076","specadmin","UIMVM","0x6330076","10"

The 0x6330071 event code is generated by the UIM's Spectrum Gateway Probe (Spectrum gtw).

The workaround is deleting the problematic event code with too long data string in the vardata_string field of ddmdb.event table and then bounce the Spectrum Tomcat service.

Here are the steps to delete the problematic event code in Archive Manager's database (DDMdb):

1. Open a bash shell (bash -login)

2. Navigate to $SPECROOT/mysql/bin directory

    cd mysql/bin

3. Launch the MySQL command prompt

    ./mysql -uroot -proot ddmdb (for Windows)

    ./mysql --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -proot ddmdb (for Linux or Solaris)

4. Run the following MySQL query:
    DELETE FROM event WHERE type=0x6330076; 


   DELETE FROM event WHERE CHAR_LENGTH(vardata_string) > 65000;
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