Failed to Generate Reports through CLI Commands

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While generating the idash '' through CLI recieved the following error. The same report is available and can be downloaded through Web-interface.

[idashusr@idash-client bin]# ./idgenpdf -t -n daily_autotrack_report -f daily_autotrack_report.pdf

unable to retrieve

[idashusr@idash-client bin]#

If run through CLI, this is one of the common messages for all the report types available in various formats.

Please refer to Additional Information section for various report types and formats.

All OS platforms supported by the product

Non-existence of the report

Ownership of the report


Validate the existence of the report name (-n).

[idashusr@idash-client bin]# ./idlist -t




When the report ownership is under 'public' in the WebUI, the actual ownership is mapped with the user 'idashAdm'.

To generate the public reports through CLI, option -u must be included with user 'idashAdm'. 

[idashusr@idash-client bin]# ./idgenpdf -t -n daily_autotrack_report -f daily_autotrack_report.pdf -u idashAdm

[idashusr@idash-client bin]#

The optional parameter " -u USER" must be used if the report is under private ownership of a specific user otherthan the one who is running the CLI.

[idashusr@idash-client bin]# ./idgenpdf -t -n administrator_audit_report -f administrator_audit_report.pdf -u administrator

[idashusr@idash-client bin]#

Additional Information:

Generate Reports with CLI Commands:

Command syntax help: "idgenpdf /?"