Failed to create [CMM000030]

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When creating or updating an Asset group following error occurs


"Failed to create [CMM00030]"

"ADO Version 6.3 - ExecuteCommandPointer  -COM Error: ErrorCode:-2147217833,WordErrorCode:3159, IDispatch error #3159, Arithmetic overflow error converting expression to data type int., Microsoft SQL Server Native Client 11.0, (null)"






This error occurs when a value for a column modify_version of SQL table usd_class_version has reached the integer limit 2147483647

In case of Group creation/update problem is with row : name = 'asset_grp'


So following query like is generating this SQL error :

update usd_class_version set modify_version = modify_version +1 where name = 'asset_grp' 



Example :

If we execute this SQL request we could reproduce the error :

update usd_class_version set modify_version = 2147483648 where name = 'asset_grp' 







The solution is to reset modify_version to 0 for asset_grp row of table usd_class_version in mdb database :


update usd_class_version set modify_version = 0 where name = 'asset_grp'